Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Printing (Midwest)

I finally finished my "Winter" print last night. I used all of the elements that I posted on here. I started with a this base print of geese flying in a "V":

Then, I printed two layers on the letterpress. First, came the wood type. Since my type is so old and worn, I got a nice textural print result. Lastly, I ran a red bird graphic over the top of it all. It really pops off the background. I'm so pleased.

Part of the fun of selling these prints on Etsy is playing around with my digital camera. Figuring out a composition, lighting, etc. I'm trying to venture into props. Here is a photo of my final print all styled up and photographed as a (WAY) simple still life. The photo is a little too balanced for my taste, but I'm a rookie photographer don't cha know. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

DIY Poster (Midwest)

I'm starting to receive show materials, booth assignments, etc for the DIY Trunk Show Chicago. I thought I'd post an image of the poster. I think the design is great. I like that it's playful, with strong color choices, yet it's still clean and easy to read. The car graphic is super. I saw this stuff and got so excited, oh, and a little bit nervous (I'm a dork).

The kids are off school today and tomorrow. We are heading out to a waterpark. I'll post later this weekend with some WIP.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I do like Mondays (Midwest)

I had a productive start to the week this morning. I went to a 6am Step class. I packaged up some cards for my upcoming craft fairs. I printed the first layer on some combined Gocco and Letterpress holiday cards. I started sketching and playing with some wood type for an art print I'm working on. I vacuumed and did dishes and laundry. All this before noon. Whoohoo!

Here is a composition in progress for the print I'm planning. The print is titled "Winter". It will be multilayered with type, cooler colors and the migrating bird block above. I found the block on our road trip through Northern Wisconsin. I'd say it's a Wisconsin bird. Maybe a crane or heron? If I don't pass out by 9pm I'll be running the first base color tonight. (This is very unlikely now that I think about it. Let's be real.)

Hope everyone else is having a good week.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Kids Art (Midwest)

I'm getting my desk cleared this morning, making spaces to put new piles, getting out the inks and papers. I have a few hours to myself and I'm going to work on my press...

...But, before I do I'm posting this drawing. Sophie drew this yesterday. For the past few weeks Sundays have been difficult for her because they are the day before Monday and school. She was happy yesterday. And, this morning. She is finally starting to relax at Kindergarten. I'm not sure what this is a drawing of. I think it looks like a killer whale. Whatever it is, it's a sign of her returned happiness. Pshew.

Friday, October 05, 2007

It's Friday! (Midwest)

What a week. Sophie made some progress adjusting to Kindergarten and lunches solo. She and I both made trips to the doctor to be diagnosed with ear and sinus infections. It's a lot easier to remember to take your antibiotics when you are dosing your child each day. Hannah had Brownies, swim lessons, and soccer practice. Sam did his normal, my life is your life routine. We were busy. I'm so happy to have it be Friday. Ah, time to eat pizza, relax and watch movies with the squirts.

This morning I worked on my letterpress for an hour or two. Here is a print of a circle and one tiny snowflake. I'm going to overprint a tree in a green wash (I think). My press was misbehaving (ok, it was probably operator error) so I got some unexpected gradation, which I actually like. The circle looks more spherical this way. Probably my favoritest (Sam word) thing about printing by hand is the unplanned surprises. The way the colors mix, the way they print, the textures that arise. It's just fun to partake in. However, I do hate clean up.

Joey is out of town this weekend playing frisbee in Tulsa, Oklahoma of all places. I'm going to take the kids on an overnight to a hotel with a modest waterpark.

Have a great weekend!