Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Notepads (Midwest)

I forgot to post this photo from several weeks back. My friends, Joanna and Chrissy, aka the dynamic sister duo, were at Broadway Paper and saw my notepads on a shelf. A SHELF!!! Not some skibbly, spinny rack thing tucked in the back of the store. A swanky shelf. Right next to that awesome fox fabric whatchamacallit. Whoohoooooo! Thanks girls for being so stealthy and snapping me a photo.

Those notepads turned out to be a good seller for me. They are tedious to make since I hand trim and bind everything, but I'm working on streamlining that process. In fact, I banged out another batch for a special order the other morning. Check it out.

Well, it's too glorious to sit inside any longer today. I must go have a walk in the sunshine. Tomorrow the temps drop and we will have more snow.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back to Reality (Midwest)

As I look out my window this morning it's hard to believe that spring is coming. We have 7 new inches of snow and are planning on going sledding. Again.

Last week's trip to Puerto Vallarta seems like weeks ago. It was a wonderful vacation full of laughing, swimming in the ocean (with baby dolphins!!!), margaritas, beach strolls, etc. Joey managed the home front perfectly. I returned to a clean and happy household. Unfortunately, I brought back a stomach virus. I was down two+ days due to that and now poor little Sam is struggling with it. I'm guessing Hannah and Sophie will be next.

I have big plans to work on some fine art prints this week. I'm so inspired. In fact, last night I couldn't sleep because I was designing in my head. If I have time this week I'm going to start the first layer of my print. This is optimistic considering the goings on in the immune systems of our family. I'd better hold my breath AND cross my fingers. We shall see...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Having Fun (Midwest)

This is a photo from a shipping box I got in the mail this week. It made my day for two reasons. First, I love that someone spent the time to draw up a personalized message for me. This particular scene is right up my alley (love the breasts on the woman and the ice cream cone). Second, within the box was my latest Etsy find. I ordered a very interesting art object titled "Stand by your Striped Man" from Minnesota artist, gilhooly. If you have time check out her etsy shop.

Below you see my Man sitting on my mantle next to another art piece by Leslie Dill (some info that here). The pottery is from Madison artist, Gloria Van Dixhorn.

I'm sure my Striped Man will migrate around the house, but right now he has me thinking about displaying a little collection of images of the human form on my mantel. I must go dig out my life drawings...

Well, I'm off to get a jump on my week. I leave for Mexico in two days! Hooray!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Video Letterpress (West Coast)

My latest Esty find was this little card from Anemone Letterpress. My kids and husband like to play video games, and this seemed to sum up both my love for letterpress and their love of games. I thought it would be the perfect valentine. Love it!