Monday, January 29, 2007

Soap Packaging (Midwest)

Look at this, Laurie. These are some of the Boh Bon Soap Co. products that I designed packaging (labels, hangtags) for. Chrissy at BBSC has a natural eye for design. She's been purchasing papers, ribbons and whatnot in which to wrap the products, then applying the labels and hangtags. The textures and patterns of the papers really compliment both the product and packaging. I'm so psyched with how everything looks. I'm linking to her site (which is not quite up yet), because I hope people will go there and try her stuff out. I love it. Right now I'm working on a circular hangtag to add to the packaging line.

More pictures of product...

And a picture of a label. The color is off here, but you can see the design elements.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Chicago (Midwest)

What a great city! Lots to do and see. Easy to get around. Even though it's changed quite a bit since Joey and I lived there in the early 90s it felt like I just left. I loved just being there. Even if I didn't do anything I could just look at the sidewalks, the people, the buildings.

Erica and I arrived at about 4 on Friday and left reluctantly 24 hours later. We shopped, ate, shopped, walked, shopped, ate, shopped and then shopped again. Some of the shopping highlights were Anthropologie and Nordstrom. The weather was almost ok, but plenty of people were bustling about regardless. We stayed at The James. It was suh-weet!

The reading/eating/lounging nook was most excellent (to quote native Chicago Suburbians Wayne and Garth). The beds were so comfortable. The bathroom was sophisticated, modern and stocked with Kiehl's products.

The rooms and halls had fresh flowers and appealing artwork. Here's a picture of the hall from the lobby to the elevators. The suitcases were part of an art installation. Interesting.
This was a trip that was long overdue. To actually spend 24 hours adhering to my own schedule (Erica was so supportive) and not thinking about parenting at all. Refreshing. We will do this again and again.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Done (Midwest)

So I finally finished a knitting project. This should have taken me just a couple of nights. Not when it sits in the knitting bag all lonely with cold needles and limp yarn waiting for somebody to hold it and love it (I know that's sappy). I started it in October. It's from a pattern by Amy Anderson and I used Cascade 220 yarn. I love that yarn. It feels good on the needles and as a finished garment, warm and not scratchy. I had the purple left over from a pair of socks I knitted from the book you gave me, Laurie. I really like the picot detail around the edge of the hat.

Now I'm in need of a good traveling car project for this Friday. Did I tell you I'm going to Chicago for a night and day of eating and shopping WITHOUT MY KIDS? Hoorah! Any fun knitting suggestions? Maybe this should be the weekend to rediscover embroidery? Or crochet? It's funny how 28 hours of potential freedom seems like a week to me.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thriftactular (Midwest)

I had the opportunity to go into a couple of Antique Shops sans kids the other day and actually scored. I don't usually have Thrifting Karma, or Garage Sale Karma for that matter. But I was lucky this time. I found a bundle of fabrics for $1. There were some flannels (a yard or two of three different patterns) and these scraps. About 1/4 yard of each. I've been wanting to start some sewing projects from one of the Japanese Craft books Joey got me for Christmas (I'll post images from those soon). These will do. Also, I got a peanut butter jar full of buttons. Lots of flowers and colored buttons. I had the girls scrub them clean with toothbrushes. This was a fun project for them not a chore, thankfully. Any suggestions for good button projects?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Short Term Investment (Midwest)

About 2 hours ago Sam came to me very concerned and said, "Sam's money. Mouth. Need it! Hurts." The next hour was a blur of phone calls to the doctor, a trip to the ER, an xray and in the end lots of stickers for Sam. The xray showed an object that suspiciously resembled a penny passing from his stomach to his intestines. Not a big deal in the world of childhood injury possibilities, but very disturbing none the less. It looked huge on that photo of his little boy insides. He will most likely dispose of it in a day or two.

His sisters were around when it happened. Hannah was worried. Sophie asked "Will I go to jail?". Now, if you read between the lines this is what she really meant,

Will I...
...because it's my fault I gave him another penny from my purse after you took the first one away from him, Mom. He wanted it...
go to jail?

I'm not mad at her. I should've been watching all three of them better. (Mom guilt is setting in.) Rationally, I know it was accidental and can happen even when you are watching them obsessively. But, first the broken leg and now this. Good Lord.

He's crying again. I think we both will head upstairs for a nice RELAXING soak in the tub.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Resolute (Midwest)

2007. Can you believe it?

I've noticed that in the past my resolutions (or maybe my resolution themes) repeated year after year. Y'know what they are right? Work out, eat better, be more patient with the kids, etc. So obviously, since they made the list again and again, I either neglected to follow through on them or they were unattainable. This year I've decided to make more realistic resolutions. And to limit them to say 3. Here they are:

1. I resolve to make more salads.
2. I resolve to wash my face before I go to bed MORE OFTEN than I do now.
3. I resolve to tidy my desk when it's dirty, if I have time.

That's it. I think this is a list I can feel good about and actually make do on. Laurie, do you have some goals for this year?