Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DIY Best of Show! (West Coast)

DIY magazine did a special section in the winter issue of the magazine devoted to small time crafters. Lucky Bee Press was included in the mix of letterpress crafters! Thanks DIY! Congrats to all the hard working crafters who also were listed—about 50 in all! And a special praise to the other letterpress gals! Yeah letterpress!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

New Plates! (West Coast)

I can't resist the call of new plates and blank stock. It seems to call me every time I walk by, and even when I am not that close. COME PRINT, COME PRINT, JUST A LITTLE, JUST SEE HOW I LOOK!!! Today I have a major deadline, and have not one extra second of time to print, but I couldn't resist. I lost, I skipped making dinner tonight and slapped on some ink! Los Gallos here we come!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Where is fall? (Midwest)

I know I shouldn't grumble, but sheesh it's cold out. It is in the 40s and rainy. Brrr...Brrr...and...BRRRR! Why, just a week ago it was in the 70s. What happened to fall?

I guess it's perfect time to pull out another winter themed design. This is "wee snow girl". She has her warm hat and coat on, so she's not cold. Actually, I think she quite likes winter. I have decided to follow her lead, and smile as we head into the next season. At least for today.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Yea, Bazaar Bizarre! (West Coast)

I woke up this morning to note from Bazaar Bizarre that Lucky Bee Press will be at their holiday show! We can't be more excited! It is still a few months out, but we are really excited to be going this year! Amy and I have been busy planning goodies for the shows we are doing, paper is ordered at both locations, and we can't wait to get printing.

On another note, good luck Amy at your show today!