Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Composition and Perspective (Midwest)

I have a new freelance design client and scads of new work. So...what do I decide to do? Add a photography project to my plate. I know, insane, right?

I decided to partake in the weekly assignment via the C&C Photography blog. I'm catching up on the assignments, so this is the project from last week.

Here is how I interpreted the assignment:

First I gathered random objects and very quickly arranged them as a still life. I did not spend much time on composing the objects. I figured I would challenge myself to create a pleasing composition without arranging and re-arranging it in front of my camera. I didn't move any of the elements. I just moved my camera, my focal point, my distance to subject, etc. Here are my results.

#1 take one image "as the eye sees it" from straight on
Notice how I placed the objects in front of a window? I did that on purpose to make different shots look completely different exposure-wise.

#2 stand on a chair and get a birds eye view

I combined two instructions into the for the above shot
#3 one close up or different angle
#4 shoot off center using neg space in composition

#5 extra credit "un focus" create a painterly or impressionistic feel
This one was tricky, and I don't think I quite got it right. Oh well, I'm not being graded on these, right? Right!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Business Cards (West Coast)

Well we officially have some new cards!  Finally, after doing many other things on our little old presses, I have bit the bullet and made us some official cards.  With the NSS quickly approaching, I thought we had better come armed with some pretty new cards.  Enough of our quick print cards, it's time for the real stuff.  It always seemed much too extravagant to print up cards for myself on something as pricey as Cranes.  But I decided what the heck, I am going to take the plunge and be extravagant this one time.  First color down, now on to the next!  : )