Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday (Midwest)

First, as I transition back into the working design world, I'm going to start posting things I see that I find interesting or inspiring. Laurie, this will help to motivate us, right? Here is a photo of the cover to the latest Veer catalog. I like that the texture is created from overlapping font dingbats and flourishes. The title type is embossed. The overall feel is very clean and organized even though the imagery is kinda messy.

Next, after my long weekend in Door County (I'll post on that some other time), I returned to hear that I was accepted into another Holiday Craft Fair. I applied for 3 fairs, and was accepted to all of them. Yay! and Ohmygod! and Crap!
I'm going to have a table at these venues:

The DIY Trunk Show Chicago (Nov 17th)
The High Noon Craftacular (Nov 24th & 25th)
ArtvsCraft (Dec 8th)

So, now I go into production mode. I figure I have one month to crank out oodles of cards. I'm shooting to have 3 Gocco card designs, 2 to 3 letterpress designs, and if possible some holiday necklaces.

Today I started printing. Above is card number 1. When I first set up shop on Etsy I sold a couple block prints with a puppy image. I think there is a large audience for pet related stuff. Therefore, I illustrated a new puppy that has gotten into the Christmas trimmings and done some damage. He's loosely inspired by my dog nephew, Rayfield. He's Brian's very large, clumsy yellow lab. The ink looks really pretty on the kraft card stock. I should've printed more than I did. Most of what I printed was on boring old white stock. Oh well. My next card idea will be the kitty. Also, my letterpress plates arrived today. That may have to wait until the weekend.


Midwest & West Coast said...

Wow! Three shows! That is great, and scary! I bet as long as you have enough stock, you will hold out fine. You can just keep the car loaded for three weeks! Congrats!

Midwest & West Coast said...

p.s. I love the cute puppy, and poppy colors!