Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Moonlighting (Midwest)

Last Sunday I assisted my talented friend and mentor, and photographer extraordinaire, Kate on one of her family photo sessions. I think this is the sixth time I've helped her do her thing. As you can see from Kate's photo above I'm having a lot of fun. I did some kid wrangling, reflector holding and a lot of picture taking.

I really enjoyed the family we were shooting. They have 5 kids and they are so incredibly sweet with each other. Being the oldest of 5 kids I'd like to say I can relate, but I remember one too many battles from my childhood.

Anyway, since I have my camera with me most days I get a lot of "are you a photographer?" questions and I never really know what to say. I have finally come upon the right answer which I feel fits me. I respond by saying something to this effect,

"Well, I'm a graphic designer, but I occasionally moonlight as a photographer..."

So there you have it. That answer makes me feel better about spending too much money on camera lenses and it keeps me from feeling guilty about not taking on more graphic design projects.

Here are a few of my photos from Sunday's shoot.


Queen Bee Laurie said...

I think you can answer yes to the photographer question. Those look great! Nice work. I really like the color and composition.

emily said...

you look like your having a blast! the overall shot? awesome.