Friday, September 18, 2009

Roll Me Over (West Coast)

This week I opened a special package containing new rollers and trucks for my Chandler and Price. It is sort of like Christmas in September, without the any needles to vacuum up. I have been running my press with two older composite rollers and I finally decided to take the plunge, and splurge on some new rollers. While I was spending anyways, I thought I would just be brave and purchase the third roller that has been missing on my press since I purchased it earlier this year. With all this came the need for the additional trucks too. I decided on composite rollers for my press. I have been using them for the past few months, and they seem to work really well in my climate out here. I had tried rubber rollers before, and they caused me a lot of grief. So I am now operating with new rollers and trucks. Pretty cool!

Some birdy treats for my shop. I have been working on keeping some sets of notecards in the shop, and decided to do a themed set of goodies. Mini notepads, cards and hangtag/bookmarks.

One more thing, thanks to Paper Crave and Paper*Cakes Finds for the nice write ups!


Queen Bee Amy said...

What spiffy rollers. Now, I have roller envy. I could use a new set for my backup Pilot. Are they working well, yet?

Queen Bee Laurie said...

Today was my second day of printing on them, and they worked well for me until it started to get hot. Then my ink got funky... Darn heat.

♥SimaG Jewelry♥ said...

B E A U T I F U L !!!!
going to visit your etsy store.