Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More Balls (West Coast)

These felted balls are really wonderful. Can you see the tiny ones that are on bobby pins? So cute! Each one is embroidered with tiny stitches. They reminded me of the balls you made with the kids a little bit ago. I was thinking a strand of them on a colored thread would be really pretty hanging from someplace in my house... I just have to find the right place.

This past weekend I bought some roving at Imagiknit (in San Francisco)—to make some balls of my own (and I thought the kids would like to try felting as well).

I also bought these balls... More sock yarn! I couldn't pass it up, the color is wonderful. My camera doesn't do it justice. I have a sock yarn habit these days! This is a new yarn put out by Colinette, the British yarn company that always has yummy colors. It reminds me of Koigu.

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