Monday, April 09, 2007

Consumed (Midwest)

I have been working away on a few "art" projects this week. This is my entry for the Random Postcard exhibition. Hundreds (if not thousands?) of people are participating by creating postcards from assigned random words. I was given the word "consume" as my subject. I was interested addressing human consumption of The Earth's resources. I wanted the negative space in background to represent hills but also a person consuming the foreground. My card is printed on a grocery bag (normally used to hold consumables). This was to be (an mine certainly was) a quick and loose interpretation.

There are some really interesting postcard entries on the Flickr site here.

Next, I need to finish my print for the Periodic Table Print Project. My dad was in California this last week and has some photos that I might want to incorporate into my portrayal of element #98, Californium.

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Queen Bees Amy & Laurie said...

Nice! This really reminds me of the freedom that we had back in school to do "fun design" projects. I just never spend the time doing "fun design" anymore. You are inspiring me! Thanks!