Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Don't Make Lawn Spinners (Midwest)

Saturday I attempted to sell my wares at "The Taste of Wisconsin Dells" craft fair. The weather was perfect. The attendance level was good. The market was, well, not my market. So, it was a learning experience. Here is a line list of information gained from the event:

- Preparing for a fair is a lot of work, but exciting, fun work filled with anticipation.
- Preparing for a second fair would not be much work, and would still be exciting.
- It is important to put the tent all the way up so that people can fit under it. Don't ask.
- Rocks come in handy (for holding down product, not flinging at customers, silly you!).
- Popular fair items (at this fair) were, lawn spinners (see photos below), cat beds that look like big fish, toe rings, wooden roses - I bought 3, beer can lamps, fishing lures, etc.
- When bored at a fair find things to amuse yourself. I decided to photograph the most popular item, lawn spinners, as they walked by my lonely tent.
- Think about better marketing ideas for next time. This reminds me of the man in the soap booth who said to me "Oh, you sell greeting cards? You must have a lot of Father's Day cards today." Me, frozen face, smile, thinking that would have been a really, really, good idea. Doh!
- Have a buddy to enjoy the experience with. Thanks Joy!

Even with the lack of sales it was fun. I would do it again, but I would research the fair better and find a better fit for my products. On that note I leave you with photos of the ever so popular lawn spinner. I heard they were only 5 dollars. My kids would love them. No wonder we saw dozens go by.

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