Friday, June 22, 2007

New Cards (Midwest)

I made a huge discovery completely by accident. My Epson printer will produce prints that can be exposed with my Gocco flash unit. Apparently the toner has carbon in it, which has been the elusive ingredient needed to image a screen. I've been sending out for laserprints. I can now work totally in house. Whoohoo!

With this new capability, I had some time this afternoon, so I printed up a new batch of cards. I designed and illustrated these really quickly, but didn't feel the need to do endless tweaking to the design like I usually do. I have three designs in this style. I sketched all of the illustrations first by hand, then scanned and recreated them in Illustrator. Here is the set thus far.

I'm wondering if I thin the line weights, these might look nice on my letterpress. Maybe that could be my first project. Perhaps as postcards. Hmmm.

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tepi said...

Love the marshmallow on fire!