Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Knitting or Xanax? (Midwest)

Dang, TV is hard to watch these days. It's so stressful. There are reminders of the intensities of our current situation everywhere. In an effort to keep myself calm during my sporadic tv viewing, I am back at my knitting. If I'm about to sit down for the evening news, I need my knitting for protection!

I started this warshrag when I was in Chicago with Laurie. The pattern is from the Mason Dixon knitting ladies. Love them! I see they have a new book out, too. I must add that to my wish list.

I'm sure to finish the warshrag during the VP debates, so I will need a new knitting project. This is exciting. It will require going to the yarn store for some hard core yarn fondling. Maybe I'll take my camera. The rows of colorful fibers would make a good study. Any suggestions on what I should knit next?


Queen Bee Laurie said...

Looking good. I know what you mean about the news. I keep turning it on, hoping for something good... Not in the near future. My only pleasure these days is watching the stumbles of you know who... ;-)

Ms. Fix said...

Knit up some delish hats for yourself in some cashmere. I like Debbie Bliss' stuff so much I scored some shell pink Baby Cashmerino on eBay and have used it for baby gifts for the last few years. Divine!

Queen Bee Amy said...

Maybe I am ready for cashmere. Why have I not been searching ebay for yarn!?! I'm on it. Thanks for the tip.