Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Off to Chicago! (Midwest)

This week I have been packaging up card after card after card after card after card after card after card (you get the idea). It's time to road trip to the most amazing craft fair ever. It's time for Renegade!

Tomorrow morning after I drop the squirts at school I'm off to O'hare to fetch Laurie for our long weekend of craft fairing, knitting, eating, hoteling, shopping, etc. I don't think we have ever been on vacation together, just the two of us. I can't wait. Of course we will be busy with Renegade on Saturday and Sunday (come see us!), but there is much time to play beyond our fair obligations.

I'm excited to introduce Laurie to Chicago. I lived and worked in the Windy City several years ago and I still miss it. Whenever I'm there I get a rush. Sometimes, I fantasize about buying a loft in Wicker Park as a weekend home. I could set up my loft with fully stocked art studio complete with letterpress area. Sigh.

Back to reality, I need to tidy up a few things and then start packing. Fingers crossed that it doesn't rain as planned.

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