Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Notepads (Midwest)

I forgot to post this photo from several weeks back. My friends, Joanna and Chrissy, aka the dynamic sister duo, were at Broadway Paper and saw my notepads on a shelf. A SHELF!!! Not some skibbly, spinny rack thing tucked in the back of the store. A swanky shelf. Right next to that awesome fox fabric whatchamacallit. Whoohoooooo! Thanks girls for being so stealthy and snapping me a photo.

Those notepads turned out to be a good seller for me. They are tedious to make since I hand trim and bind everything, but I'm working on streamlining that process. In fact, I banged out another batch for a special order the other morning. Check it out.

Well, it's too glorious to sit inside any longer today. I must go have a walk in the sunshine. Tomorrow the temps drop and we will have more snow.

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

Hey A. These look great! Thanks to J. and C. for snapping the photo of them. Your hard work and tedious binding paid off. They look nice. Yea Broadway Paper for the nice display!