Sunday, July 08, 2007

Application Sent (Midwest)

This morning, early, before noisy children descended upon me, I applied for the DIY trunk show in Chicago. I filled out an online application form. Then, had to email 2-3 photos of my work. I would much rather email about 10 shots. I compromised by comping up two "family of products" shots. When I saw my stuff grouped together I was modestly proud. So, I'm posting them here for all to see. God, I hope I get accepted into this show. It would be a good stretch goal for me to create a butt load of Xmas paraphernalia. (I'm giggling now because in running the spell check feature I learned that butt load is really two words. I thought it was one. Who knew? Tee hee hee.)

I'm heading off to Milwaukee later to check out Art vs. Craft. I'll take the digital camera and post what I see and what I buy. I'm going to look for some folks that I've met online via Etsy and Flickr.


kat said...

your stuff looks super!
I am sure you will be accepted :)
Best of luck!

Queen Bees Amy & Laurie said...

Hey good luck Miss Amy! Smart thinking on the application photos. Your stuff looks great!