Thursday, July 19, 2007

Donuts (Midwest)

Here are some shots of my first letterpress print run (see below). I have just a few "decent" prints for sale on Etsy. I scoured around other letterpress shops and realized that I need to get my new rollers working to have a nice smooth layer of ink on my plate. I used the old rollers that came with the press for these cards and they are a little pocky. I'm so used to silkscreening that I tend to like the mottled texture of uneven ink. Anyway, I like the donut illustrations quite a bit.


tepi said...

The yellow resin circle things in the previous photo suddenly make sense!

hrsj said...

I really like the donut imagery! keep up the great work!

Queen Bees Amy & Laurie said...

My donut inspiration was Homer Simpson saying "mmmmmm. donuts."