Tuesday, March 04, 2008

New Etsy Shop (Midwest)

My client, friend, fellow craft fair buddy, Chrissy at Boh Bon Soap Co. has set up shop over at Etsy. I helped her with her packaging, shop banner and avatar. I think her shop looks very unified with the photography and signage all working within the graphic language we established with her packaging system. Go check her shop out. Her products are absolutely wonderful.

This is a timely post because just yesterday I sent off a 5x7 print of the Boh Bon soap packaging as my entry into a packaging design competition. Laurie and I have entered and been recognized in various competitions and design annuals over the years. I miss the prestige that comes with publication and plan to start entering contests as I start taking on more design work. I hope the judges like the packaging as much as I do. It's fun just to participate and put personal value on my design work.

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