Friday, March 28, 2008

PMS 628 (Midwest)

We collected eggs from the neighbors chickens when we were in the desert. I had to photograph them because they were so beautiful–a soft blue with a greenish gray cast. I've seen plenty of robin's eggs and their spectacular blue color, but I didn't know chickens could produce such pretty colors too. Wait. Maybe Martha Stewart has chickens that lay fancy eggs. Probably so.

I tried to match the color to my pms swatches and couldn't get find an exact match. Pms 628 was as close as I could get. Next time I print, maybe more scribble birds, I'm going to try to mix up a color similar to these eggs. This will be good practice for me. Usually I just mix ink on the fly with an approximate color in my head. When I get a pleasing mix on my palette I go with it. I guess the artist side of me likes the mystery of discovering the color, but the graphic designer in me (probably the stronger force) wants the color decisions made in advance.

I'm looking forward to a weekend at home. I need to kiss up to my husband so that he will make some time to bolt my press to my new work table. I can't print until it is secured more properly.

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who is this gal? said...

gorgeous colour!