Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I See Blue (West Coast)

OK. I am coming up for air. I have been under various projects, and haven't made time for blogging lately... Thank you Amy for picking up the slack. Love your photos that you have been taking. I am jealous of your lovely new camera, and your cool lens!

I have been busy with my needles lately, and have quite the stack of rags going... Amy and I started these back in Chicago during our cold wet craft show. I am on number six, but last week when I set up my little stack, I only had four finished. I love the colors of the yarn. It is the first time I have tried this out — new from Blue Sky Alpaca, it is called Skinny Cotton. Blue Sky always has such a pretty palate of colors to choose from. I have a few more skeins left, but I am itching to buy a few more... Always more possibilities to the color combinations.

I printed Monday morning, but I don't think I will be printing again this week. I am having ink troubles, and need to figure it out before I print more. My ink seems to be drying immediately. I am not sure why... I will try to post on Briar Press in the next day to see if anyone has any advise. It is late my time, and I need to get up early.


Queen Bee Amy said...

WOW!!! Those look great. I have my own pile half as high as yours, but in a matching palette. :)

Whisker Graphics said...

Absolutely love these colors! Makes me want to take up knitting...