Thursday, October 23, 2008

Warmth or Lack Thereof (Midwest)

Ok. It's frigging cold here. Outside. Inside. All over. I fear November, can't even think about December, and may have to move by January.

In an effort to save on our winter heating bill, I agreed to "wait" to turn on our heat. We've made a fire in the fireplace every night. We have a brand new high tech, mica space heater that moves about the house. But, mind you, it was 59 degrees in our dining room the other morning. 59! Joey says, "it's just a matter of putting on more clothes each morning". He and I will have to have a little "talk" tonight.

You can probably imagine why I am knitting fast and furiously. If I could knit wool long underwear I would! Leg warmers have been my thing. Here's a pair I finished in 5 days. I used up two balls of Noro kureyon yarn from my stash. They are super warm and I even had someone stop to ask about them at the grocery store. I'm pretty pleased with myself.

Ok. I will stop griping about the weather and get back to my son (the one who has frozen solid on the couch). I'll post in a day or two with photos of items to go up on Etsy.


Ms. Fix said...

Wow. Its a good thing you don't live with me, Ms. Miser-ly, because the highest I get the thermostat to is 64. That's in the dead of Winter up here, like end of January/into February. And the thing is? I hate the cold; I'm just cheap! Also, LOVE the leg warmers! I have some of that same yarn I'm using for the ruffled edge of a cardigan (from a Noro book). Stay warm!

Queen Bee Amy said...

Yikes. I guess I should not complain. You also have WAY more snow to deal with.

The Noro yarn will be very interesting as a ruffled edge. Great idea. Will you blog it when you're done?

Queen Bee Laurie said...

Ooh! I want a pair of those! So cute!