Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mini Card Portfolios (West Coat)

It has been my goal since I started on this letterpress adventure, to sell my cards. I have been in search for a way to display them when I show them, and on a recent trip to my local art store I found these little mini art portfolios. They are 5" x 7", Itoya brand with black paper lined pages. I slip a sleeved card into each page pocket, and fill them with about 10 cards each. If I put more than that they look too bulky.

I have been working up the nerve to take them around to local shops. Today was the day. My first day. My response was good. I am really encouraged. I will go out again Wednesday and Thursday around my town, then next week head out a bit further. After years of working so closely with Amy with all things graphic, I am not used to doing things on my own. I have always had a sidekick to handle these stressful little situations. I was surprised by my lack of nerves when it came down to the actual moment of show and tell. Amy, your turn! Try it! It was actually fun, and rewarding!

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Queen Bee Amy said...

Ok. Ok. I will get my act together, not to mention my courage and hit the pavement. First, to find some sort of card portfolio like you have. Those look like they work very well.