Thursday, March 19, 2009

I See Spots (West Coast)

I have barely come up for air this past week. Since I moved my press in, I have been printing away daily. My morning starts as soon as kids are off to school, I am inking up as the leave. I have been so excited that each day I end with lining up my plate for the following morning. I get the impression just right, then go fix dinner. The spot reference is to my printing projects. I have been printing up a variety of spotted cards and notepads that will go out to some wholesale orders early next week.

I saw this cool tip on Boxcar Press that I have been using to get the alinement perfect. You attach a piece of tape the front of the plate, place it on your paper exactly where you want it to print, then put the paper in the press, and run it onto the boxcar base. It is so cool. Follow this link to a video on Boxcar Press, click on setting gauge pins and registering your plate.

I am off today to see a printer friend of mine who is retiring. I am going to buy up some old ink he has. Hopeful in colors I am lacking!


Queen Bee Amy said...

I'm glad you have the time to play with your new baby. Thanks for the tip link.

Ray said...

nice photos