Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh Boy (Midwest)

I had another semi successful day of letterpress printing yesterday. I've decided to see if I can get both Pilot presses up and running. It would be nice to have them both "calibrated" so that I can rely on either one. I could run two colors simultaneously, one on each press.

So, I put my old rollers back on my main press (the blue & red press in the back) and my newer rollers on the other press (closest). I'm having a lot of trial and error getting my press settings set. I'm taping rails, adjusting the platen, adding packing, etc. Right now, neither press is set the way it should be. I've decided that a second set of new rollers is in order. Then, I won't have to rework each press depending on which rollers are running on it.

As I do all these test prints with various plates, (wood type, vintage blocks, linoleum, etc.) I'm creating some letterpress collage prints. Here is one print in progress. I'm liking the textural effect of the rough paper with a light hit of ink. Also, the overlapping of colors is pleasing to me. I also like the idea of creating modern art from vintage blocks. I foresee a letterpress agenda forming.

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

I really like the texture of the background, as well as the old type! Nice collage print.