Tuesday, May 05, 2009

More Corners (West Coast)

The search for a perfect solution to rounded corners has kept me up lately. I know it is sad, but my favorite pre-cut paper has been discontinued, and I have been at a loss to how I am going to cope without it. One of my best selling cards prints on this nice rounded corner stock, that I have been buying pre-cut. Both Amy and I have been looking at corner rounders, and the result has been OK, but I really like the angle of the original diecut card.

I found the perfect solution, and it even cuts multiple cards at once! I purchased this Lassco corner rounder, with the 1/2" die. It is a perfect match! Today, everything on my desk has rounded corners, including my test stack of cards! The ivory stock is the diecut card, and the white stock is the Lassco cut card. Pretty cool! It even catches the corners in a handy little trash area.

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