Friday, May 01, 2009

TGIF (Midwest)

This was a long week. We had lots of rain and Sam was off school for 4 days for parent teacher conferences. Sophie was home for a day sick and now Joey is complaining of a sore throat. I'm trying not to panic and run through the streets screaming "Run for your lives. The swine flu is here!" Instead, I'm going into preparedness mode. I have spray hand sanitizers in all the kids backpacks and we are washing hands again and again and again...

Now, I need to simmer down and focus on my design work. I am behind on invoicing and if I could finalize my projects that will allow me to clean my plate a bit and maybe even earn me some time on press.

Also! I feel cheerful because May is here. May is my birthday month and for as long as I can remember the arrival of may was always bright and colorful to me. It meant flowers and leaves on trees. Sunshine, cake and presents. Then, summer and swimming pools.

Welcome May!!!

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

Pretty images of Sunshine! Nice. Sorry to hear about your sick crew. : ( Hopefully all will wake up tomorrow to miracle cures! We have major swine flu hysteria out here. Not me, I am more practical. But the old folks are really worried. They are buying up the face masks... Longs had a run on them. Pretty funny.