Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Peculiar Craft Fair (Midwest)

I am back in Wisconsin after spending a few days in the Bay Area with Laurie. We participated in our second joint craft fair - Renegade San Francisco.

You may recall my first ever craft fair. No? I blogged about it here. The highlight of that fair was the ever popular, and so affordable, lawn spinner. I've been trying to come up with the must have craft item from RSF and am coming up blank. Was it the Rebe coats? Maybe. Was it the stuffed organs and glands? Could be. Or, the scuba kitty t-shirts? Hmmmm...

The thing that I think stood out at the fair was the attendees. Oh, we saw your run of the mill pierced/tattooed people. And, the mandatory crafty artsy fartsy types. But, this fair had something extra special. There was just a little more flair. I'll give you a little taste and you decide...

First we have this dude. I think he is a super hero. Though, I'm not sure which one and I'm certain that crime fighting isn't his expertise. He kept yelling "RUTH! Want a rematch!?!" O...K...?

Here is a vendor who I will call I. Scream.

This guy was just too good. Can you hear me now?

Lastly these chicks kind of summed up the fair mood for me. Bright and fun.

So, here I sit back at my computer with fond memories of chatting with Laurie and Janice. It was a weekend to remember for many reasons!


sandy said...

how did i miss that super-hero? (and how did i miss your booth??) my favorite recap of the fair so far-- hope to see you next year!

Queen Bee Amy said...

Thanks Sandy. Your booth looked great! We were way at the back of the first row.

I'm sorry you missed the super hero because he was spectacular.

Queen Bee Laurie said...

Amy, Great post! I love your photos of the characters of the fair! Made me laugh again!

Mackerilla said...

Ahhhh the colorful people of San Fran! Good times!!! It was a fun show to be a vendor at as well as a shopper! Thanks for posting the photos! Janice