Sunday, November 26, 2006

From Boredom to Ornament Factory (Midwest)

A few weeks ago the girls needed to focus some misguided energy on something productive, so I suggested they start some Christmas projects. They zealously made several assorted felt balls. This was a really good project for them. It involved water and bubbles - always a favorite. I had to cut them off at about 8 felt balls each. They had such pruney hands and water was EVERYWHERE.

Today we strung the balls along with beads and ribbon to make holiday ornaments. I am realizing now that I can probably categorize myself as a true crafter. I had all the materials for this project on hand. I had wool and mohair yarns in my knitting stash, beads in every room of our house, earring pins in my craft box, and ribbons again in the knitting stash. I even own my own needle nose pliers!

All in all this was a successful kid's craft project. It was easy and clean. We will move on to bookmarks next.

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