Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Can't Stop! (Midwest)

I have hundreds of things to do right now. Important stuff. Like sorting through the 6 foot stack of magazines and catalogs we won't ever order from, or maybe cleaning the fish bowl so we can see if Mo is still in there. BUT NO! I'm thinking that the blog needs another photo. And, since no one wants to see a picture of my other housekeeping projects (maybe the stack of magacatalogs - it is impressive), let's have another look at my ornament swap project! These are little flower thingamajigs that I'm making for ??? I'm convinced I can turn them into a little extra something for the other Swappers. What can or will they be? I'm not sure yet. But, they are far more fun to think about then what else I have going on here. I feel better now. I can go sort the laundry.

Laurie, I read your comment that you want to try these. Here's the link for the tutorial.

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Queen Bees Amy & Laurie said...

These are really cute! I want to try one as well!