Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's All About Etsy These Days (Midwest)

Second row, second from the left...

Etsy recently had a contest where they invited the Etsy community to create Treasury lists (these are the lists that you see on the Etsy front page of 12 images of products created and for sale by Etsy sellers). Etsy Admins would be picking 20 (they said then) of these Treasury lists to print and use as promotional posters. I figured, what the hey, this sounds fun, so I composed a list for poster entry. They had 901 submissions. They picked 60 winners, these will become posters, and 160 honorable mentions. My list got an honorable mention. Wheehoo! I win nothing except the feeling of accomplishment and pride in my layout and justification that the images and products that I liked were likeable.

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