Friday, November 09, 2007

Deja Vu (Midwest)

Laurie, the photo above is for you. Remember those days? Coffee, sketch pads, mechanical pencils, reference books? This was my desktop this morning. I miss seeing you at the other end of the conference table. Big sigh.

I bought the latest Print Design Annual the other night. I stayed up way too late skimming through all the design inspirations. Picking up a new magazine like that is like the night before Christmas for me. The anticipation and expectations. I'm comforted to know I picked a career that "does it" for me.

I'm going to post some pictures of things inspirational found within Print's pages. This week I'm posting this candle packaging because I'm in the process of writing an estimate for a similar type project. This packaging is from Duffy & Partners in Minneapolis for Thymes. Simply beautiful.


grafxdude said...

Ah, the annuals. I pick them up myself during my yearly career-life crisis. I usually can't stop smiling as I view the annuals from page to page. When I'm done I have a few shots of whiskey and cry myself to sleep.

Queen Bee Amy said...

I bet you snuggle with your black turtleneck, too.

You need a good design fix. Vivopad?

Queen Bee Amy said...
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Queen Bee Laurie said...

Thanks for the nostalgic post. I am missing being at the other end of that table. I haven't bought my design annuals yet. I like the candle packaging. Nice inspiration.

I spent the day at my desk with my sissors and cut outs, making image boards. I had the day off of design, and had a chance to brainstorm for the ornament swap! I just got my Freshly Blended list. I was hoping you would be on mine. No such luck. I am on list 40. What about you?

Queen Bee Amy said...

That sounds like a nice day Laurie. I'm on list 42. We are two lists apart instead of one this year. Did you read, there are over 600 participants. I'll put the logo on our blog.