Monday, November 19, 2007

Tagged (West Coast)

Wow! Cool. I have never been tagged either! This is fun, and I get to see a few things about Amy that I didn't know... The crosswalk thing. We have crossed many a street together hunting down lunches, and I never noticed that we were doing it so very early, so maybe I have the same little idiosyncrasy, or I am just a very good follower! Looking back we were always heading to the correct side of the street from the start! The crutches... that is a funny one. We share a strange thing for injuries. When I was a child I really wanted to break a bone, so I wore my dad's half cast for an entire weekend, then the following week, I broke both arms while playing on the bars (5th grade).

I won't post the rules again, since Amy posted them in the previous posts.

My five things about me...

1. I like to take a different route to get around every time I get into my car. Sort of mixes up my day. I might be heading to the same place, but I will take a different street to get there. I like the change in scenery this gives my life.

2. I like to walk in the sun with my dog. I find this recharges me, and gives me a smile.

3. I am obsessed with research. I spend more time researching things than the work that I actually do with the things I that I research.

4. I love to cook dinners. It relaxes me to spend this time of day in the kitchen, and I find the results at the end are so much fun to enjoy. Plus my husband loves to eat, and he is always full of nice compliments after a good meal.

5. I love a good, cold, rainy day. That means I get to stay home without excuses and enjoy a fire. These days they are a rarity out here, so I really have to appreciate them when they come.

I am sorry, but I never know who to tag in things like this, so here it goes... I will tag a few of my swap partners from the holiday ornament swap — Melissa and Laura.

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Queen Bee Amy said...

Laurie, Don't you remember saying "Amy, I don't want to walk right in front of the High School" over and over as we walked to A Matter of Taste?

Your researching skills have served you (and me) well over the years. :)