Wednesday, July 09, 2008

No Trip New Agenda (Midwest)

Well, here I am, not in Germany as initially planned. Unfortunately, some family health issues popped up and I had to cancel my trip. Big sigh. But then again, if I choose to view things in a more positive way, I now have an extra week with nothing on my plate. A day trip or mini vacation could be planned. Or, I could do nothing, kick back and relax. I'll also be around for Art Fair on the Square. Yay!

Yesterday I delivered the custom letterpress wedding project I finished up several days ago. My wedding clients were really kind and interesting people. Part of why I enjoy design is because I get to interact with people and then design with their ideas in mind. It is very rewarding when you can show somebody something on paper that is a translation of their words and ideas but in 2 dimensions.

Anyway, I printed a soft chocolate ink on luxe paper. The bright yellow envelope coordinates with their color theme. The bee graphic was chosen because they "like bees" and will be giving local honey as favors (which is super cool if you ask me). It was a fun project to be involved in.

Tomorrow I plan to start sketching ideas for the Christmas season (fa la la la la). It would be great to be printing Holiday items in August. I have some new Stardream envelopes in yummy colors that will be my creative starting point. Laurie, I'll probably be calling you to brainstorm. :)

Ok. I'm off to tidy the kitchen and wait for my returning swim team kids with their soggy suits and hungry tummies. Bye folks.


coolhntr said...

These are very cute...I love the yellow. I find myself putting yellow with lots of designs lately and I never thought I liked the color before!

Enjoy your time off!

Queen Bee Laurie said...

Love the invitations Amy! Pretty yellow, and I like the bee. Very nice.

Queen Bee Amy said...

coolhntr, I agree on the yellow. It's never a first choice. But, when I do use it I love it.

Thanks Laurie :)

Tepi said...

Have to agree with other comments, those invites are lovely and the yellow works great!