Sunday, July 13, 2008

On Surfing (Midwest)

1. Enjoy your 4th of July..., 2. Starship Trooper, 3. meet mr.bones, 4. Forwaaard! MARCH!!!

I spend a lot of (wasted?) time surfing the Internet. Don't we all, though? I find that my habits change every few months. First, I was addicted to reading blogs, then came my addiction to the Etsy forums, right now I'm in a Flickr phase. I look at my contact's photos, comment here and there, post photos, read discussions, follow links, etc. etc.

This morning I came across a new Flickr group that I had to join. Then, I had to think about how to compose an entire blog post around a related topic just so I could mention this new group in the post. Aha! I think I have accomplished that. For those of you who are as immature as me, and like to be amused by other peoples silliness check out Unseen War. I Love it.

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