Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Day (West Coast)

Pretty yarn! My latest yarn purchase from Purl Soho arrived a few days ago. Some of this is marked to be Christmas presents, while some of it will be little bits I keep for myself. I am working away on little gifts for my family and friends for the holidays. My kids are always excited to have me make something for them... They will each have a few little treats. I am glad they appreciate having handmade gifts.

These are a few of the wholesale card orders that are heading out to local shops. We had six wholesale orders this month! It is a good start. It has definitely given me an exciting push to work harder, and produce more. I received my paper order Monday, and I hope to get to it next week. I have a little one at home with Strep, so we have some shows to watch and games to play.


Queen Bee Amy said...

Oh Laurie, that yarn is so pretty. I really like the green color. Which yarn is it? Make sure to post some WIP photos. :)

Yippee skippy for the wholesale orders.

Queen Bee Laurie said...

The green is Blue Sky Alpaca Melange Sport. I love it, it is really soft.