Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday (Midwest)

This is a photo I took yesterday. I hooked up with the Madison Flickrmeets people and did a little photowalk on the Near East side. It was very cold. 31 degrees I think. Windy, and snowing on and off. My fingerless gloves, which I thought were so clever and helpful for picture taking, turned out to be stupid. My fingers hurt and I cursed my foolish fashion sense as I drove home one handed. Would I ever let my kids wear fingerless gloves? No, I tell you. No.

But hey, I am excited to discover that Lucky Bee Press had a mention in the Holiday Card Guide at Poppytalk. Laurie, isn't that exciting?!? I signed myself up for a spot in the next Poppytalk market. I'm hoping to get some Christmas card traffic. Thanks Poppytalk!

This week's calendar is looking pretty good for me. I need to print. I would really like to bang out a couple notebook covers and some gift tags. I might even hand set some metal type. I'm really looking forward to it. It's been too long.

Finally, my Internet connection is back. I had about 9 days (9 days!)* without it. It was very frustrating. I had to jump onto Joey's laptop to read emails. I even checked my email at the Apple Store in the mall the other day. I used the 17" Macbook Pro they had on display. It was mighty nice. Want. Want. Want.

*Anyone catch the Ferris Bueller near reference here? 9 times? Yeah. I know. It was subtle.

Ok. Kids are up. I must make breakfast. Toodles.

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

Nice fall photo. You will have to save your fingerless gloves around the house during the cold mornings when you are keeping the heat down low!