Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday (Midwest)

I'm checking in for a quick mid Holiday post. Joey and I have been busy with his brother in town, my longtime friend Missy, and the kids. Thanksgiving was very successful this year. And, by successful I mean nobody melted down, the food was tasty, at least one of my kids ate, I got to eat, nothing was broken (oh wait, Sam did take out a vintage ride on toy that probably had sentimental value), and we got to enjoy each other.

In the topmost photo you see a vegetable animal creation that I made. In our family each Thanksgiving (for some 25 or so years now) there is a table set up with a huge bowl of various vegetables, fruits, toothpicks and sometimes carving utensils. All those attending Thanksgiving are required to make a vegetable animal for placing on the table. It's a fun tradition because it's fun to do yourself, but it's even more fun to see what others come up with.

Hope everyone out there is having a great weekend!

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

I like your vege's Miss A. ;-)