Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Scent of Saturday (Midwest)

I shuffled into my office all bleary eyed this morning. With coffee in hand. Ready to check email. I sat down and then picked up the faintest, most delicate, teensy weensiest of scents. Press wash. Not strong and chemically in the way where you wear gloves for your hands but wonder if your nose needs protection. But, light and pleasant. A reminder of yesterday. Yes. Yesterday. Sigh. I printed. And, not just that. I set type.

For weeks I've been wanting to whip out some gift tags for the Craftacular. I've been thinking about what plates and blocks I have laying around to work with. I thought, why not a simple type solution. So yesterday I pulled out a drawer of 42 pt lead type. I set up the words. To. From. And locked them onto the press. They printed backwards. Doh! I always do that. After some rearranging and adjusting. Voila. A simple little gift tag. I lurvs it. Because it's simple. And, type. And, because it was fun to create. Nuff said.

Enjoy your weekend.

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

Ooh! Nice Amy! I still don't have any lead type, but would really like to add some at some point! Pretty wrapping paper with the tag!