Monday, December 31, 2007

Anticipating 2008 (Midwest)

We have one last day to go in 2007. Yip Ya!

This weekend I've been sketching in between sledding adventures with the family, and trips to the grocery store. It is very slow going. I'm needing some inspiration. As I spun my wheels sketching, I decided to step back from the design stage and go back to the planning stage. So, I'm back to looking at papers, colors, etc. I think the first step might be to select a color palette. Probably about 5 colors. I'm posting the spring colors as per the color aficionados at Pantone. I'm really liking that Snorkel Blue and of course the Rococco Red. In general, I think most reds and blues please me. It's the yellows and greens that can go wrong. Nothing ticks me off more that a painfully printed, bright yellow on a white page. Except maybe a muddy black. Bleck.

Ok. Enough color rant. I'm off to look at papers.


tepi said...

I like goofing around with color palettes on the computer. But I colors I think work well on the computer are not the same I end up liking on paper. Such a difference, the translucence and glow of digital versus the flat opaque of ink on paper.

I just got some new inks. I need to test them on paper, even if just brush onto paper, to see what the new colors look like.

I think your post has inspired me to action on that!

Julie said...

I love the Rococco Red. The blue is nice as well. I was never one for blues like that before, but it's looking pretty good today.

Have fun looking at papers! What am I saying? It's always fun. Paper is dandy.

Happy New Year!