Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Getting There (Midwest)

After a weekend bout of the stomach flu, a trip to the ER (Sam got two corneal abrasions - ouch), and a few too many extra curricular school activities, tomorrow I get back to my to do list. I'm almost done with my graphic design commitments for the MTHP. I'm even starting to see some pieces come back from the printer (see brochure above and invitation and program for an awards event below). I love an unwrinkled, unfingerprinted, still smelling of fresh ink, brochure. I also love the satisfaction of finishing a job that I know I worked for. All the details of the process become worth it when you have a finished printed piece. Physical evidence of work accomplished. It's so satisfying. Time to invoice!

It may rain tomorrow so I will probably go to the gym and finalize some other design work. I'm secretly (well not anymore) hoping that the girls soccer practices will be canceled. It would be nice to have a family dinner at home and a quiet evening. Sigh.

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