Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day (Monday)

I am having an "I didn't accomplish anything" feeling about this weekend. I had high hopes for housekeeping and printing. Neither was checked off the list. Today is looking to be about 80 degrees here (super yay!), so it's not looking good, especially for the housecleaning part of my list. Oh well, it is a holiday weekend, right?

I have accomplished a few details, but they all involve spending money, so I'm not really feeling a sense of accomplishment here. Eagerness to receive purchases, yes. Guilt, yes. A little panic, maybe.

I did manage to deliver the above custom print job, a gift for Erica. The "E" is from my stash of vintage wood type. I mixed a metallic rose ink, and ran notes on scalloped paper and also a lilac, Indian paper with flower petals in it. The set looks very nice all wrapped with silver ribbon.

This week I plan to finalize my wedding invitation project, finish up some posters for MTHP and hopefully file bills and paperwork. This will clear my plate for preparation for the Craftacular at the end of June.

Happy Memorial Day All!


Stephanie Mohr said...
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Tepi said...

I know the feeling ... so much more fun to celebrate the holiday than to check thing off of the to-do list! Congrats on the Lucky Bee shop and attention it's getting!

Krissy said...

Hi there! Just found you via Poppytalk, love your work :)

Queen Bee Amy said...

Hi Krissy! Thanks for the compliment. We are glad you found us. :)

f2images said...

Just found your work on Etsy. Beautiful stuff, lady! I so love letterpress!!