Friday, May 30, 2008

I can see clearly now the rain has gone (Midwest)

Tis sunny. Was rainy. Was busy. Tis now not.

I've had a week like Laurie's out in California. End of the year is a busy time when you have school age kiddos. I didn't get to sketch or print. Not once. But, the weekend is upon us, and it will happen.

Big news here, I got my *new* camera this week. Purchased with my share of our economic stimulus check from GW. Yes. I invested in our countries' (and China's) economy. Anyway, I've been restricted from using it because it has been so rainy these last couple of days. Within the last hour it has cleared somewhat and I was out in the backyard stalking bugs, flowers and anything else that looked interesting.

Above you will see my first photo, shot number 0001 taken about 10 minutes after I opened the lens box yesterday. Those are my new glasses. I think they make me look smart.

This camera should be a nice creative outlet for me. And, it probably won't require a huge amount of extra time. I imagine stroller walks becoming more fun because I have a camera in tow. And, I look forward to photographing cards as they come off the press. Exciting stuff. Keep tuned.

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

I like your new glasses. The blue inside looks like you. I remember when I first got my glasses, and I couldn't believe how crisp everything looked, and how much I had been missing out on.