Friday, August 22, 2008

11 More Days (Midwest)

This is our sweet Sunny. She comes when she's called, is cage trained, likes to snuggle, and has some cute habits. Who knew a rat would become such a cherished pet?

I woke up this morning thinking "I should post on the blog today". I had some early morning lucid dreaming involving youtube and the internet (!?¡). I will dismiss any notion of dream analysis and the idea that dreaming about the Internet may be a sign of daytime addiction, and instead compose a post...

We registered the kids for school yesterday, got teacher assignments, compared rosters, etc. I spent a huge portion of that time thinking about the near future (11 more days) when they go back to their day jobs. Some of my friends when asked if they are glad summer is almost over say they are so sad that their kids are leaving. They enjoy having them home and cherish every minute of time they spend with them. I will set aside my guilt for the moment and admit I am not one of those moms. I don't enjoy the fighting and whining part of having them home. I miss my time. Maybe it's selfish but what I want is a little bit of each day to myself. Don't get me wrong, I do like to be with them, just not 24/7. Anyway, I am really, really looking forward to the school year. I want to take on some more freelance work and of course work on my letterpress.

Speaking of letterpress I'm finally posting a photo of the notepads I made over the weekend. They were created almost entirely from salvaged materials. The chipboard from craigslist, the paper insert sheets from 3 reams headed for someone else's trash, and the pencil image from a vintage printer block. The only part that I purchased new was the binding. I hope to have more notepads in different sizes and designs soon.

Just 11 more days, hold on Amy, you are almost there. With that I must go make breakfast and break up the squabble that is escalating in my living room.

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