Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bad Hippo! (Midwest)

I came downstairs this morning to discover this ghastly scene. It appears as if Hippo has knocked off Spiderman. That's Spiderman's dislocated leg on the table behind Playmobile man. I'm glad the photo is blurry because it's very gruesome and you probably don't want to see it. Naturally, I'm riddled with anxiety and thoughts of concern for all the innocent toys and figurines in our household. The Polly Pockets and My Little Ponies don't stand a chance against a killing machine like this. Playmobile Man may look like a strong enforcer in this photo but I know him and he's a coward.

What should I do? I'm considering binding Hippo with duct tape, putting him in my trunk and driving out into the woods. But, considering we found hippo injured and abandoned (or so I thought) on the bike path I know he's crafty. And worse, what if he has ties to the Hippolino crime family!?!

Any comments with advice would be appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

Amy, you crazy.