Friday, August 08, 2008

Vacation (Midwest)

I have returned home after traveling with the kids 4 hours North to my Aunt and Uncles fabulous house on Sand Lake. We had such nice weather. We swam several times a day. We played many card games. We picked currants that were turned into currant jam, pie and a mixed fruit pudding which is a family favorite. I went for sweaty runs outside until the horseflies chased me indoors to the treadmill. I meandered along the lake with my camera (and new lens) shooting nature photos. I even read two books. It was such a nice, relaxing week.

Unfortunately, our drive home was interrupted with bouts of vomiting from the way back seat (sorry if that was TMI). Sam's stomach decided to remind us that the vacation was officially over. At least we are in our own beds again and have access to our pediatrician if need be.

So, I'm now forced to come down from the leisure high I had on vacation. I'm back to my list. I have an Etsy order to go out, some ideas to sketch, and a craft fair to plan for. There is dust on my letterpress and it needs to go. Time to get back at it!

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Queen Bee Laurie said...

Welcome home! Hope Sam feels better soon. ;-(