Sunday, August 17, 2008

To the Point

I am at the tail end of a 36 hour respite from my family. Joey took the kids up North for an overnight and two days of swimming in the lake. Go Joey. Go Joey. Before he left I made of list of things I wanted to do while they were gone. I actually wrote them down. As if I would forget! So, far I have accomplished 4 of 5 items. Can you guess which one is undone?

1. ride my bike
2. eat a nice meal out
3. print
4. pick up my camera filter
5. clean the upstairs

Number 5 had no business being on my list, right? Clean the house? C'mon! When the kids are gone? Not a chance. Ok. I scratched it off the list (I really did). I think I wrote it initially for Joey as an incentive to split town. Whoops.

Earlier this morning I cut up a bunch of chipboard with the intention of making little note books. The chipboard took the ink beautifully. And, it's just the right density for a good impression. I don't have photos of the prints on the board, but above is something else I printed. My thought here is that the person sending the card can write their message in front of the pencil. I've always thought that greeting cards are better when customized. And, this one card can become appropriate for any occasion.

All right. I have to go make the best of what's left of my peace and quiet. I should probably change out of my pjs and head outside. It's sunny and warm. Bye for now.

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