Monday, December 01, 2008

Craftacular Preparations (Midwest)

The Craftacular is this Saturday (the 6th). Whoohoo! Preparations for this fair have been the easiest yet. There will be an 8' table and a chair waiting for me at the show. My show box is still packed from Renegade. Most of my inventory is ready. I just have a few new signs to create and then a list of things not to forget. Today I spooled up some candy cane striped baker's twine. The spools look so cute. If they don't sell I won't be disappointed. They will make great stocking stuffers. I'm also thinking I may have some time to create some sort of display on the table. Maybe a clothesline with cards? Or a Christmas tree decorated with gift tags? I dunno. *thinking* An 8' table is a lot of space to fill isn't it? *more thinking...*

Ok. I must go fetch Sam from preschool. It's snowy here so that means it takes twice as long to tote him anywhere. There are stray mittens to find, boots to put on then take off because the snowpants have to go first, snow to eat, mittens to get wet and then be exchanged for dry mittens, more snow to eat, etc. etc. Ok. Off I go.

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jlg said...

Have a great craftacular! Sorry I won't be there to attend.