Monday, December 08, 2008

Craftacular (Midwest)

I must write this post quickly as I'm very distracted right now. I'm being lulled by the weather liars on tv. "Come. Come listen to the madness that is the winter weather about to befall you." Ok. They don't talk like that but man o man we are in for some serious weather tonight. Sleet. Snow. More snow. Then wind. Yikes and double yikes.

I had a wonderful day, Saturday, at the Craftacular. We were busy all day. I had a greater number of sales this year, but the total price per sale was lower. So, my sales totals were about the same as last year. One observation. More folks were using their credit cards than last year. I hope for all our sakes that the economy picks up by this time next year.

So, now I am down to small bits of remaining inventory. One koi fish pack, one poppy/twig set, etc. I'm debating whether to reprint or not. I'd like to design something new for the new year. And, there's Valentine's Day after that. Options. Options.

Ok. Off to stalk the weather channel.


Queen Bee Laurie said...

Pretty photos Miss A. I am glad the show was a success despite the grim economy. I would design some new cards, then print up some reprints while you wait for the plates. Both those cards are pretty and good sellers for you. Just my 2¢.

Queen Bee Laurie said...

If only we could have just a little bit of your harsh storm. Enough to give us a snow base for sledding! I know you guys get much too cold for me to think about sledding... Hold on to your $ for a July ticket and come out to the SF Renegade or the Maker Faire!