Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday (Midwest)

So, yesterday I had a friend come over to chat and learn how to use her Gocco. I hauled out the inks and other crafty stuff and we talked (geeked) out about art, design, crafting, etc. I find myself up early with a head full of ideas about what could be a next project. And, since my desk is clean I'm sketching and thinking. It's a nice way to begin the day. Miss K. thanks for the playdate. I'm so pleased to connect with someone with similar interests. :)

OK. Now I need to gripe about my keyboard. It seems the nine/left parenthesis button has pooched. Argh! I had to go into one of Laurie's posts to copy and paste a parenthesis. And (as you know) I use them all the time. I will try to clean and examine the keyboard today. I have weak McGuyver skills, so I'm fairly confident this will not be fixed. Rats.

I hear kids upstairs. Soon three children and 2 rats will descend and need to be prepared for school so I need to go slam another cup of coffee.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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