Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First stop, Anthropologie! (West Coast)

As per tradition out here, I went out shopping with my mom for my birthday. First stop, Anthropologie! My all time favorite store. I like to go there for special occasions and treat my self to something I wouldn't normally buy. Yesterday it was these two items. Both were something I wouldn't normally do, but I know I will enjoy them quite a bit. I love the asian inspired print on this shirt, and the color is truly beautiful in person.

I have always had a thing for aprons, in fact I wear them every night when cooking dinner. They are cute to look at and they help save my clothes from the inevitable spills while cooking. The chocolate brown little owls on this pattern are stylized and really cute. Retro yet modern, and my favorite colors too!

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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Queen Bee Amy said...

Very cool birthday purchases, Laurie. I haven't been to Anthropologie for a few months. I'm waiting for after Christmas sales. :)